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I found this site yesterday. You get all the facts you can find on other sites, but the authors here have their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. I have a wicked sense of humor myself so I love it.
This is the type of entry you'll find on the god or goddess you are researching:


The Megalithic Mother Goddess and 'The Phantom Queen'.
Don't attempt to mix it up with The MORRIGAN. You are very unwise to mess with her and her sisterly accomplices. She was one of the original members of the TUATHA-DE-DANANN (People of the Goddess DANU) who chose Ireland as their Headquarters. This was good preparation for battle and shenanigans as the Fir Bolgs had to be defeated first.
As a shape-changer she can turn from ravishing beauty to hag, from battle crow to BEAN-NIGHE, all in triple time. This has caused a great deal of confusion to careless mythologists and innocent Godcheckers. Some sources claim there is three of her. But as her sisters BADB and NEMAIN usually join in the fray, this is not surprising.
There could have been more as FEA, FOTLA and NEMAIN, other warrior Goddess compatriots with shapechanging abilities, were hardly likely to sit on the sidelines when things got exciting. With crows wheeling and shrieking and startling transformations going on, who is going to stop to count? Especially when you are fleeing in terror, knowing they always picked the winning side.
When MEDB The Queen of Connaught employed the MORRIGAN Mob in her battle against Ulster and CUCHULAINN, more confusion was caused - as MEDB is similar to BADB. BADB was not as bad as MEDB, and the MORRIGAN forces used fear itself as a weapon rather than adding to the slaughter.
MORRIGAN does have a loving side to her nature, and gave the Irish Hero CUCHULAINN every chance to make love not war. But would he listen? That's why he is now only commemorated as a statue of a dying warrior with a MORRIGAN crow on his shoulder. Who knows what she could be saying to him?
Far from fading away, The MORRIGAN is still exceedingly popular and has many followers. There no longer seems to be a pecking order for battle crows; she is more into utilising Earth energy - which is very nice to know. A Dark Green Goddess from the Emerald Isle.

The title of this entry is a link if you'd like to go check them out. And the Deity of the Day box in the sidebar is from them also.
I like my learning with a bit of humor.


Green path

I have never felt especially drawn to learn herblore. I can't tell you which herb to use to flavor your meal, or poultice a wound.
I can tell you when the trees see us ... I feel a brush of acknowledgement of my presence when I enter a forest. It feels as basic as a nod from a stranger on the street; no more, no less.

The following brief description of what it means to follow a Green path can be found at Goddess Moon Circles. This is of course only one interpretation, but these 2 paragraphs resonate with me.
[Emphasis added is mine.]

"Green witches of our time can hearken back to the times of the village wise woman in their acute sense of healing, their intuitive and learned knowledge of plants, their feeling of unity with the earth, and their attraction to the simpler spells, charms and rituals. Green witchcraft is flexible and can be overlaid with elements of other more dramatic or complicated systems of witchcraft. Most who are drawn to the green path however, prefer a simpler more rustic style to their religion and their life."
"Still others have a keen sense of where their path lies and must seek it out themselves through books, trial and error as well as from willing teachers and hands on experience. The green path is rich in history but flexible in its traditions."

By Rev Lisa Smith Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

Goddess Moon Circles Copyright 1999 - 2005 All Rights Reserved

I would live out my life deep in a forest.
As a child I cried my loneliness, anger, or regret into the bark of a towering pine in our front yard.
As a young woman I made love under the spreading branches of maples and dogwoods in the forests of my Southern home.
As a Mother I walked with my daughter as she found her first staff in the shade of evergreens in our new home.

I would live out my life deep in a forest.
I would be content.


In the last 2 weeks I've concentrated on reaching out for connection. I haven't been disappointed in the response. People in the local pagan community have invited us to attend events & join their online groups. The ones I've met in real life are some wonderful folk. We'll find our place among them in no time.

Alex is excited about joining the Spiral Scouts. A Circle is beginning in the Autumn not far from us.

I read back over my first post and realized it wasn't a post so much as the alpha and omega of these pages. So I pasted the bits into those positions and they are just where they should be. I almost deleted the first post afterward, but realized it belongs as the opening post for this blog. It will be scrolled into the archives soon enough.



Green ... Warrior ... Celtic ... Pagan ...

I am a part of all of these, but none in its entirety. I am a pagan Celtic warrior deep in my soul where the forest feels sentient. As I wander through dappled shawdows and light the peace of the mountains slides over me like a well loved garment.

I am learning as I go.
I am remembering as I go.
I have been here before.
Many times.

I will return.

Many times.
I have been here before.
I am remembering as I go.
I am learning as I go.