Simplified Aura Colors

This is a simplified explanation of colors commonly found in auras.
I can't see auras, but am fascinated when someone looks me over and tells me what colors they see. Last month a young woman standing in a line ahead of me, turned and did just that.
I don't know how or when the colors change, but by last report - hers, I had an aura comprised of white, blue, and pink. I sound like I was swaddled in a baby blanket! Maybe it was just that I was surrounded by good people, in a natural setting ~ grass, forest, marshland, creeks, and all the wildlife that calls it home.
I wonder if my aura would be horrid colors when I'm in the city. Or jagged rifts of color in our apartment with the downstairs neighbor screamin at yet another abusive man ~ or maybe the same one. Alex & I can't decide if she keeps recycling the one or pickin up his clones ~ they all use the same script.
Should probably avoid anyone who can see my aura in this circumstance. Don't think I really want to put them or myself through this.

Aura colors and meanings:

Red: Strength, fire, energy, creativity. May indicate strong passion, mind, and will.

Orange: Creativity, warmth, emotion, courage, and joy.

Yellow: Wisdom, intellect, mental activity. Psychic ideas may be developing. Deep yellow may indicate over analyzing, and being overly-critical.

Green: Sensitivity, compassion, growth. Bright green indicates a healing ability.

Blue: Calm, quietness. May indicate the ability for clairaudience, & telepathy.

Violet: Warmth & transmutation.

Purple: Practical & worldly.

Pink: Compassion, love, purity, innocence.

White: Often seen in the aura mingling with other colors.
Alone: truth and purity.

Gray: Initiation, developing innate abilities.

Brown: New growth, earth color.

Black: Portent of illness, protection. Shield from outside energies.

Gold: Dynamic spiritual energy.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to live to be 150 to learn about everything that interests me. Yet another entry on my To Do list... lol